11 April, 2015

The service has been turned off, and the project has been open sourced. If anyone's interested in commercial licencing, please contact me.

Souce on github:

BarFinder is closing down

19 July, 2014

This is not maintained, and has not received daily updates since a change in the OSM exports in February 2012. I always intended to at least get the import working again, but I also learnt that the app would need bigger changes to be useful. The original idea of live crowd sourced prices was not easy enough to use, so I should have focussed on just keeping up to date.

I expect to turn off the services supporting this data sometime around September 2014, and expect to publish all the source code at that time, unless someone wishes to take over this project. I started this project while between jobs, and it was an illuminating learning experience, but I have sadly never had the time to maintain it as well as it deserved. So long and thanks for all the fish!


Where's beer, and how much does it cost?

screencapture of main screen

BarFinder is an android app showing you the nearest bars/pubs/nightclubs to your current location, and how much drinks cost there.

It works worldwide, getting the bar listings from the excellent OpenStreetMap and the price data from you, the users. So if a bar is missing, or has changed it's name, you can simply logon to OpenStreetMap and fix it. And if you're at a bar, and got a different price, or any price, you can enter in the price you paid, and keep the averages fresh for everyone.

BarFinder is currently a Beta product. It works, but it's not as sexy as it could be. I'm after any feedback at all on how you find it.

Compared to...

Google Maps on your phone is actually pretty good, but it is only as up to date as it's search results. It does include directions, but like all the others here, it makes no attempt at tracking prices. If you want to try this, just open maps and search for "bar"

The other Bar Finder looks good, but is really just a front end to google maps. So, bars that no longer exist, bars that are missing, bars that have moved, etc. Like all the other apps, it makes no attempt to track prices.

The Good Beer Guide Mobile is similar, but focuses more on what beers are available. It has no pricing data, only focuses on real ale pubs, and only has pubs in the UK. It also costs 5 pounds for android.

PubCrawler is similar to the Good Beer Guide, in that it focuses on reviews of the pubs, doesn't seem to track prices, costs money, (3.99 USD) and is almost exclusively for beer pubs and breweries in the US.

BarFinder focuses on one simple thing and doing it really well. Where is a drink, and how much does it cost. It works worldwide, and the database of bars is updated daily. It's also free :)

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Any phone running Android 1.6 or later. Phones known to work:


Privacy wise, this is a location aware application, and as such, you're sending your location information to me while using the app. Long term, I want to keep as little as possible, but I need to make sure the service still works, and that I can weed out anyone abusing the service and posting garbage data. There'll be a more formal Privacy Policy, but for now, figure that it's not private at all.
Karl Palsson,